Improving Your Health

How to improve your health

The surgery puts a lot of emphasis on health promotion and illness prevention, and runs regular information campaigns on different issues. Below are listed the main important areas.

Don't Smoke

If you would like to stop smoking, but are not sure how, or where to start, please contact your local smoking cessstion clinic. The number for Gracemount Smoking Cessation Service is 0131 537 7154.

Drink Sensibly

Recommended weekly units for alcohol consumption are:
  • For men - 21 Units
  • For women - 14 Units
  • Wine - 12% 175ml glass = 2 units
  • Beer or cider - 5% pint = 2.8 units
  • Spirits - 40% single = 1 unit
  • Two to three alcohol free days per week are recommended
  • Eat a healthy diet

    In general terms, eat less fat and sugar, and eat more fibre, fruit, vegetables, lean meat, fish and chicken. If you are overweight, try to get your weight down. It is now recommended that everyone eats at least five portions of fruit/vegetables per day. Please contact our practice nurses if you would like more detailed advice/diet sheets etc.

    Get some exercise

    Any form of exercise is good - even a short brisk walk every day will improve your health.

    Self Care

    In Scotland we are fortunate in having immediate access to a complete range of high quality health services. If these health services are to work effectively, it is important that they are used properly. For this to happen, all of us - both health care professionals and members of the general public - have to make certain choices and decisions about how best to deal with illness.

    Useful websites for further information are as follows: