Additional Information

Registering as a Patient

Patients wishing to register will need to complete a registration form and medical information sheet. Please bring 2 forms of ID one of which must have your address on it. Registration forms can be collected from the Reception desk.

Disabled Access

Disabled access and facilities are available.  If you are hard of hearing, please let the receptionist, nurse or doctor know.  For patients using a hearing aid, we have a loop system installed.  If you have difficulty in reading our practice leaflet, ask our receptionist who will arrange to have one printed off for you in larger print.  For our wheelchair patients, there is a bell situated at the side door of the building to summon help.  If you require any form of help whilst attending the surgery, please ask at the reception in the first instance.


The Health Board provide an interpretation service which the practice can access, please request a double appointment for this.  Please ask a member of our reception team if you require a translator.


CCTV is in operation in and around the surgery building.  This is for the purpose of crime prevention and public safety, and our equipment complies with the Data Protection Service.

Medical Students

Medical students are attached to the practice as part of their training.  If you do not wish the student to be present during your consultation with the doctor or nurse, please advise the receptionist.

Practice Development

Along with other practices in the city, the practice closes on certain Wednesday afternoon's. Dates are provided in the practice. This is for staff training. During this time emergencies will be dealt with by NHS24 - telephone number 111.

Travel Advice

If travelling abroad then please complete a form provided at Reception to allow us to check if you require any vaccinations. Remember and allow enough time to get yourself protected- vaccinations do not work immediately and the body needs a few weeks to respond to a vaccine. Not all vaccines and anti-malarials are available on the NHS and there may be a charge for this medication and service. Further information can be found on the following NHS website: for

Due to the continuous pressure on General Practice we cannot continue to provide travel advice for free as this is not part of our contractual NHS work. Please note that any travel advice requested from 28th February will now have an applicable charge. Please pick a leaflet at reception for further information on travel advice and travel vaccinations charges. You will be asked to pay for this prior to your appointment.

Data Protection

In order to provide care for you, we are obliged to keep records. This is increasingly done using computers.  We are obliged to comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 and other guidance on privacy and data confidentiality and we take this very seriously. In order to manage services and improve the quality of care we provide, we share some information on practice activity such as with CHPs, Health Boards and Trusts, Scottish Office and the Common Services Agency.  Whenever possible, this information is anonymised with names and other identifying details removed.