Welcome to The Southern Medical Group
Telephone: 0131 664 2148

The information on this website should give you and your family the information you require to get the best from this practice:
The surgery at 322 Gilmerton Road was founded in 1952 and served mainly the Moredun, Liberton and Gilmerton districts of the city. The house was extended considerably in 1962 and again in 1990 to provide an increasing range of services to our patients.

About the doctors

Surgery Hours

The Surgery is open: Monday to Friday 8:00am - 6:00pm.
There are a number of appointments available on a Monday evening and Wednesday morning outwith normal hours.

Public Holidays 2019/20

- Friday 19th April 2019 Good Friday
- Monday 22nd April 2019 Easter Monday
- Monday 6th May 2019 May Day
- Monday 16th September 2019 Autumn Public Holiday
- Wednesday 25th December 2019 Xmas Day
- Thursday 26th December 2019 Boxing Day
- Wednesday 1st January 2020 New Year`s Day
- Thursday 2nd January 2020 Public Holiday

Protected Learning Time 2019/20

The practice will be closed from 12.30 on the following days:.
- Wednesday 12th June 2019
- Wednesday 11th September 2019
- Wednesday 13th November 2019
- Wednesday 2nd February 2020

The Appointment System

All consultations are by appointment. Our Nurse Practitioners consult daily and can both diagnose and prescribe. They confer with the duty doctor if they feel it is appropriate.

Repeat Prescriptions

These can be ordered in a variety of ways:
- Telephone - 664 8999 (for elderly and housebound only)
- Online Service (see below)
- The tear off re-order form which was attached to the previous prescription
- Writing a note, providing details of name, address, date of birth, contact number and what medication you require.

The local pharmacies have a collection/delivery service to the patient. You can request your prescription to be sent to a local pharmacy instead of collecting at the Surgery. You may also hand your repeat request into your local pharmacy and they will deliver it to us for processing, but remember to give yourself a bit of extra time for this. You should be aware that local pharmacies may charge for requesting an emergency supply to tide you over. Please allow two working days for your prescription to be processed. If you wish to check whether your prescription has been processed and have asked for it to go to a local pharmacy, please phone the pharmacy to check. Only if it has not reached the chemist should you phone the Surgery.


The practice is offering an online service. You will need to register for this service and provide photo ID. Please download information sheet and registrations forms, you can also collect these from reception. Please click on www.patient-services.co.uk for more details

    New Online Services Registration Form

    New Information Sheet


Due to changes in the NHS Guidelines and the recent introduction off GDPR, patients will no longer be able to translate for other family members at a consultation unless in emergency circumstances. If you need translation for your appointment please advise reception who will organise a translator for you and arrange a 20 minute appointment with your clinician. Patients who do-not have a translator may be asked to rearrange their appointment.

Routine Consultations

You may see any doctor. Please give as much notice as possible when phoning. Please be willing to accept an appointment with a different doctor if spaces are unfilled. If you find that you cannot attend, let us know, and the appointment can then be given to someone else. Urgent appointments are available the same morning with one of our nurse practitioners if you phone at 8:00am or as soon as possible thereafter. Similarly, afternoon appointments are all allocated to patients phoning after 11.30am.